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Teacher Gifts

Monday, May 21st, 2007

The last week of middle school is here for my son, and I wanted to make small greeting card gift packs for his teachers. So I ask him:

     Me: I want to make gifts for your teachers. So how many teachers do you have?
     Him: Um…let me think…nine.
     Me: N-nine? (brow wrinkles)
     Him: No…eleven.
     Me: (incredulously) Eleven?
     Him: Yeah, yeah, eleven. And I need it on Monday.
     (It is Friday night of an incredibly kids-event packed weekend)
     Me: Uh…okay.

I was able to find a spot of time on Saturday to get a ton of $5 Starbucks cards.

     Starbucks counter clerk: (eyebrows up) You want how many cards?

Then starting at 8:30pm Sunday night, I whipped out 11 Thank You cards that my son signed. I made them so fast and was so tired, I forgot to take a picture of them, or scan them. :( So much for greeting card sets, lol! Then I went back to doing dishes and laundry. (*sigh*)