Neptune Jelly Roll Quilt

I have a friend having a baby boy soon, so I made this quilt out of the Neptune fabric line:

Neptune Jelly Roll Quilt

I was also lucky enough to find this quilt display frame for sale on Craigslist. When I draped the quilt on it, Kit had to come and sit:
Neptune Jelly Roll Quilt

Can you see him? Here’s a close-up:
Neptune Jelly Roll Quilt

Rather than just doing the normal meandering, I tried quilting by following the fabric strips. You can see it a little here:
Neptune Jelly Roll Quilt

The backing was pieced from one fabric I had in my stash:
Neptune Jelly Roll Quilt

I hope she likes it!

And Jax says,
in the tree
“Don’t take the tree down yet!!”

4 Responses to “Neptune Jelly Roll Quilt”

  1. Sheila Bennett Says:

    Beautiful quilt! Great fabric choices and pattern for a boy.

  2. elaine Says:

    Great quilt – inspiring!! I’m new to this jelly roll thing and would like to try a quilt with a design like this one. Did you make up the pattern yourself?

  3. connie Says:

    Very cute quilt, I think it is one I have to try.
    Thanks for your picture.

  4. Kyla Says:

    Beautiful!!! Where can I find this pattern?

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