Deer Valley Quilt – Part 1

I was cleaning up a bit, and came across this bundle of scrumptious fabrics. It was given to me by Kokimama after I did some computer fixing at her house. I said, “Don’t get me anything!” but she wouldn’t listen. So anyway, now I have these 12 half-yard cuts:

Deer Valley Fabrics

This reminded me of the quilt-along that was done at a blog I like to follow: Old Red Barn Quilt Along. You need to scroll to the bottom and click on “Older Posts” to see it from the beginning. Although the quilt-along finished a while ago, I really wanted to try it … so here I go!

Step 1 – gather supplies, and press fabrics (check)
Step 2 – cut into 2 1/2″ strips:
Deer Valley fabric strips
Step 3 – stack them up and admire them:
Deer Valley Fabric strips
Step 4 – sew together in 6-strip batches:
Deer Valley sewn strips
Deer Valley sewn strips
Step 5 – cut into 12 1/2″ pieces
Deer Valley strip blocks
Step 6 – sew blocks into rows (check – sorry, no picture)
Step 7 – sew rows into quilt top (check – sorry, no picture again)
Step 8 – put it on the frame and quilt it:
Deer Valley quilt top

More coming soon!
And Mittens says,
in the tree
“Can’t we leave this up all year?”

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